Chasing Big Brother (Canada)

I became a fan of Big Brother Canada at the beginning of Season 5 last year (thanks Emma!) and was lucky enough to attend a taping at the old location in downtown Toronto. Shortly after Season 5 last year, it was announced that Big Brother Canada would be cancelled and the network was moving on with other programming.

However, after a huge outcry from fans, the network relaunched BBCan for Season 6 this year, which is now housed in Etobicoke.

Last Thursday, I was able to snag tickets for the third eviction night of the season. Jesse and Olivia were on the block, but who was going home? I was there to see who was voted out and see their walk of shame as well!

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 2.25.22 PM
I’m second row on the right next to the stairs! Humber represent!

The exact location of the house, I can’t say. But it’s nothing a Google search can’t find.

Here’s the highway near the location of the house.

The crew was also very specific that no one is allowed to take pictures. Not even a classy selfie to brag to your social medias. So, I’ve included some pictures I’ve taken “around” the house.

Here’s a bunny

Arisa is also a treat behind the scenes. She has SO much charisma, and is also a great singer! She also mentioned her appearance in Camp Rock 2 (which I need to watch, yesterday), and that she was seven months pregnant on set!

There were also some past houseguests in attendance. Jon Pardy, fellow Newfoundlander, and winner of BBCan2, Kevin Martin, winner of BBCan5 as well as Bruno and Neda from BBCan5 fame.

My hand stamp that immediately smudged.

Overall, the show was an amazing experience, and I would recommend to any folks that are interested in BBCan and are in the Toronto area! As a Newfoundlander coming to a city like Toronto, it really is amazing to get experiences like this. Newfoundland is lucky to get Trooper.

Who’s your favourite houseguest on BBCan6? Tweet me @TheWarrenGordon ! Of course being from Newfoundland, I’m cheering for Will (Trepassey, NL) this season, and hopefully he can bring home another BBCan season win for Newfoundland! 



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